"US" Liberty Stick

In 1790 George Washington's Close Friend Benjamin Franklin Died.In Franklin's Will, He Bequeathed His Walking Stick.            "I Bequeath My Fine Crab-Tree Walking Stick, With A Gold Head Curiously Wrought In The Form Of The Cap Of Liberty, I Give To My Friend And To The Friend Of Mankind, General Washington. If It Were A Scepter, He Has Merited It, And Would Become It."  It's Up To "US" = We The Peo...

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Benjamin Franklin (Summer of 1787)

Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) In the summer of 1787, the newly independent United States of America, sent delegates to Philadelphia for a constitutional convention. Government under the Articles of Confederation, adopted during the Revolutionary War had already proven itself untenable. General George Washington, the former Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, feared “ruin” unless the fledgling nation established a new constitution, “well-guarded and closely watched to preve...

Restoring Honor Rally

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Sons of Legions Benefit,Wings of Hope

   Sep 24,2011 Sons of Legions Benefit, Wings of Hope

Gathering of the Guard Steelville Missouri

  Gathering of the Guard Steelville Missouri September 2011.

"US" LibertyStick at The Ozark Outdoors hosting Battle of Leasburg reenactment.

"US" LibertyStick at The Ozark Outdoors hosting Battle of Leasburg reenactment.

  • "US" Liberty Stick

  • "US" Libertystick Pictures

  • Benjamin Franklin (Summer of 1787)

  • Restoring Honor Rally

  • Sons of Legions Benefit,Wings of Hope

  • Gathering of the Guard Steelville Missouri

  • "US" LibertyStick at The Ozark Outdoors hosting Battle of Leasburg reenactment.

Meet me at the Wall 9/11 at Sunrise and at the Reflecting Pool at exactly 9:11 am.
Thank you for supporting the "US' Liberty Stick. For every order received a portion will be donated to one of the Soldiers Organizations listed below.
Camp Hope... in Farmington Missouri,... DAV...(Disabled American Veterans)
You can go to the Resources tab on this site, and hit the web link, and find out more about what these great Organizations do for our Soldiers.
 Thank you for believing in this cause, for every $50.00 purchase,  you will receive the "US" Liberty Stick package below.
Full package
$ 50.00
1)... One "US" Liberty Stick which has a brass laser "US" on top of the Hickory Walking Stick.  This brass laser "US"  symbolizes  We the People. 
2)... One book titled "US" Liberty Walking Stick, Walk to the Wall for God and Country. This book is done in color, and  I know that you will love to share it with your family and friends .I will make you a promise when you read page 26of this book, you will be astonished and you will know that God is in all of our lives, and He makes no mistakes.
3)... One DVD song, Stand up for the FlagThis song is country and very moving. When you hear these words in the middle of the song.."if only words could heal my wounded purple heart' .... you will  know why tears came down my face the first time I heard it.
This song  will be played in front of our country, at the Reflecting Pool on 9/11/2016. Right after the song we will  symbolically throw the Anchor of Hope to God at exactly 9/11 am.
God gave "US" this Anchor of Hope on 9/11/2001 and it is up to "US" We the People to turn our country around. We have to put God first and abide by our Constitution and everything will work out as it should, because God knows,.................AME....RI....CAN !

4)...Seven colorful Restoring Honor Cards that hang off of the Liberty Stick... go to the Image Galleries on this site, scroll down to the Restoring Honor Cards and see all Seven.
One day in the future which only God knows. There will be millions of "US" Liberty Sticks shinning brightly in the sun. Reflecting back to the world from the Reflecting Pool  the two letters "US", and the world will finally understand what God wants all of  "US" in the world to know, and that is His Golden Rule.
This is in our DNA and it is the TRUTH.... "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"!  This is found in nearly every culture and religion in the world. Let "US" We the People remind all of "US" starting in this country first, that God put the truth in our DNA.  And let "US" remind the rest of the world to open their holy books, and revisit  His words.
The Golden Rule is the Motto that I want to live by and it would be nice if we could all take the pledge at the Reflecting Pool with one voice to the world that all of " US"  We the People will abide by the  Golden Rule.
Looking forward to this Sunday at the Wall 9/11/2016 at Sunrise and meeting like minded patriots at the Reflecting Pool at 9:11 am. See you there.
P.S. To my grandchildren, Blake, Lanie, Cody, Montana, Tevin, Taya, Dalton, and Shelby. I am arriving at the Wall on 9/11, National Grandparents Day, and Patriots Day both falling on a special Sunday for our country.
 I want to personally thank your Pappy , Ma Ma for the tender love that only a Grandmother can show her Grandchildren. It never ceases to amaze me as I have watched through the years, the love she has for all of her grandchildren. I guess you could say I am the luckiest Grandfather alive. Your Grandmother has given her love to all of "US"  how lucky are we.
  The TRUTH is.... and this is a "US" Liberty Stick thought... I want all of you to always remember, The Kingdom of God is within "US".

  Watch  our God change history.